Who Watches?

I used to paint a lot. I discovered I really enjoyed it during the middle of my college career and quickly became addicted. There's a few random canvases hung up around my apartment, but it never got too serious.

I just re-watched Watchmen over the weekend and busted out a super old canvas that had some long abandoned exploration of rose petals on it. I had meant to paint an ode to The Gunslinger of The Dark Tower, but instead decided it would be neat to explore the simple juxtaposition of that famous smiley face.

I'm posting some progress shots here so that you can see how it's coming along, but I still need to add the blood. Maybe this weekend I'll post another update of the finished piece. 

You can still see remnants of that Rose I talked about underneath the white here. In hindsight, I should have covered this up better, but I think it adds to the look of it as it gets further along.


After Getting the base yellow down and outlining everything in a nice dark stroke, It was time to get my sketch on. I used these pencil lines to get a good idea of where the eyes and smile would go.

And here we have the face added. I like to keep everything rough, and now I plan on going into the eyes and mouth and adding small highlights. I also want to add some grungy lines around the face of the button to make it look worn and beaten up. We'll see how that turns out.