This work was created at InHouse Creative.

Trail Coffee Roasters is a boutique coffee roaster based out of Stockton, CA. Trail prides itself on being a bohemian-chic inspired coffee brand, that’s equally at home on the kitchen counter as it is next to a campfire in the mountains.

It was our job to take the existing brand and make it “retail ready.'“ This meant a facelift from the ground up, starting with the logo, then the packaging.

The logo is a natural evolution of their old mark, as we wanted to maintain some brand equity from the unique “A” shape from the original. Flanking the top and bottom with botanical illustrations of the coffee plant lends a nice emblem feel to the mark that was missing before.

The packaging is the result of tapping into equal parts bohemian patterns from textiles as well as nature and rugged terrain. Each blend of their coffee has a unique pattern across the top and bottom to help differentiate each variation on the shelf, and the kraft bag brings a familiar, tactile feeling that’s perfectly in sync with the coffee aisle.

The original Trail Coffee Roasters logo.

The original Trail Coffee Roasters logo.