Cultivating Inspiration

During my college years, I can remember being really frustrated trying to find inspiration. It may have been a product of the school I went to, or just poor resources. I can vividly remember scrolling through the pages of Adbuzeedo trying to find that one spark to ignite my creativity. I also didn't have the blessing of time, as my school work was on a strict week by week timeline. In short: inspiration was a rough game. 

Now that I'm designing for a paycheck during the day, and scouting for new projects at night, it seems inspiration is abound. I'm constantly trying to fill my head and my notebooks with future projects. I've been able to cultivate my own inspiration even, by working to create multiple series out of past projects. Thinking up new iterations or new ways to create similar pieces is an exciting business. That's something that was never taught to me in any classroom. 

So that's my advice for this post.  Cultivate your own creativity by doing.